Event Schedule

The event starts Wednesday, January 11, 2017, and ends on Monday, January 16, 2017 (MLK Day weekend). Attendees are free to join a day late or leave a day early, etc., if flights demand it.

A complete day-by-day schedule is still being developed; however, each day of the retreat will have some of the following:

  • Instructional sessionspatio
  • A scheduled excursion (such as yoga or canoeing) or a hike
  • Mealtimes
  • A writing assignment
  • Group sessions (read-alouds)
  • Downtime at your leisure
  • (Everything is optional. Attendees are free to participate as they please.)


  1. Building an Author Platform – Being an author takes more than just writing. Learn how to cultivate the platform that every author needs to succeed in the writing world.
  2. Narrative Non-Fiction Writing Workshop by John Grogan – This one hour workshop taught by national best selling author & journalist John Grogan will give you a crash course in the essentials of effective narrative non-fiction writing.
  3. Voice in Fiction – This session explains how to write a compelling novel agents and editors will love. Possessing a compelling voice is a hard thing to nail down, but that’s exactly what literary agent Elizabeth Kracht will explain in her speech.
  4. Personifying Place: How to make setting a character 
  5. Roots of Narrative Sometimes, the best way to explore new narrative techniques is to reinvigorate the old ones. This class focuses on the roots of narrative – fables, parables and tall tales – to explore techniques that have captured imaginations for centuries.
  6. Memoir Writing: Using Past Troubles for future gains
  7. Planting the Clues – Many of the best stories take great pains to maintain tension through foreshadowing, leading up to a big “ah-ha!” moment at the books conclusion. Learn the techniques for setting up the big reveal!
  8. How to Get a Literary Agent. All questions about agents will be answered, with expertise provided by an agent herself as well as the Guide to Literary Agents editor.
  9. Live Reading and Q&A by author, John Grogan
  10. More Classes TBA

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