Location & Accommodations

The Texas Writing Retreat is held at a ranch in Grimes County, TX. Attendees stay in personal rooms at the ranch or can stay in a two bed cabin for a discounted price. All personal rooms have a bed (queen or larger), a desk, chair, and closet. All personal rooms will have either their own bathroom, or access to an open bathroom also used by another guest.

Room choices are first come, first serve for paid attendees. Rooms are air-conditioned. There is a gathering area (living room) outside the bedrooms with a cable TV and DVD player. There is also a kitchen and dining area.

DSCN0605Travel: Detailed directions to the ranch will be provided to attendees. The ranch is in Navasota, TX. Because the Houston airport is 1-2 hours away from the ranch, the organizers are unable to pick up attendees from the airport. That said, recommendations can be made concerning paid shuttle services, or attendees are free to rent a car and come to the ranch by that means.

Commuters: Although there are only¬†8 rooms onsite for attendees, there will be room for several attendees to commute to the event — arriving each morning and leaving in the evening. Because of the distance to Houston, it’s advised that commuters find a hotel in Navasota, which is approximately 20 minutes away. (If you are interested in commuting for only a few days rather than the entire event, e-mail the retreat organizer to discuss a discounted price.)

Other: The ranch has a washer & dryer.





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  1. I would like to register for the retreat. I’ve sent two emails to Mr. Cuclis but have yet to receive a reply. I’m posting here in case my emails were caught up in a spam filter.

    Thank you,

    Ed Russo

  2. Dear Mr. Russo,

    I’m sending the information to you now. Sorry about the delay. It seems some of my emails have lagged. Currently, I’m traveling through China and the internet here sometimes does some unexpected things to google applications here.

    Mrs. Cheryl Somers Aubin,
    I’ll contact you soon with an email.

    Paul Cuclis

  3. Claire Hart-Palumbo

    I’m interested in registering. Can you send me particulars and instructions for mailing the deposit, etc.? I will have to commute. But do we have to bring food for lunch, since you say the commuter rate does not include ‘room and board’?
    Claire HP

  4. Is it still possible to register for the conference? I have a manuscript in rough 3/4 completed. What amount do you suggest having completed.

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