Registration and Costs

The Texas Writing Retreat has very limited space and attendance. There are 7 single rooms guesthouseavailable at the event site, and one communal 2 bed cabin at the ranch, which has a discounted price. All single rooms are available first come, first serve to interested individuals. When all rooms are booked, we will have no more overnight accommodations to offer unless an attendee cancels.

To register: Reach out to organizer Paul Cuclis via email: PaulTCuclis [at] He can provide specific instructions for payment by check.


1. Onsite attendees. Onsite attendees will stay at one of the ranch’s 8 available rooms. All rooms are personal and air-conditioned, with a bed, nightstand, and desk/drawers. The attendance cost also covers meals, alcohol, excursions, amenities, sessions, critiques, pitch sessions, limited catering, and more.

The communal two bed cabin is lacking in several amenities, and therefore is priced with a considerable discount. Please email for more information.

2. Commuters This level includes all aspects of the retreat except for room & board. Commuters will attend classes and groups throughout the day, and then leave and return the next day. Please note that, due to legal/safety reasons, commuters will have strict limitations on alcohol consumption while onsite. Also please note that it’s not recommended that you commute from Houston every day, as the road is windy and long. However, if you are planning on staying at a nearby hotel, there are campsites and hotels less than 20 minutes away from the ranch all over Navasota, TX. Commuters’ attendance cost also covers meals, excursions, amenities, sessions, critiques. pitch sessions, catering, and more. If you have a RV, for example, this could certainly work.

At the current time, there are no scholarship opportunities to the retreat, though future years may prove different. If you are part of a writing group or class and wish to negotiate a group rate for bringing multiple individuals, e-mail organizer PaulTCuclis [at] to begin a discussion.

Spouses/guests are welcome to attend with you, but please note that there will be an incurred cost for the attendance to pay for food, alcohol and cleaning. Spouses are welcome to join on certain excursions that are no-cost (such as a hike), but there may be a small extra charge (varies by instance) for them to join on other pay-to-play excursions. Please note that the retreat does not take any role in organizing travel. Travel plans and costs are the responsibility of the attendee.

If you are interested in commuting and only attending for a limited amount of time (1–3 days, for example), e-mail the organizer to begin a discussion on price.


Writers who wish to reserve their spot at the retreat can do so with a down payment (lesser number for commuters) — payable by check. Please note the deposit is non-refundable. Following the deposit, the attendee has up to 90 days to pay the rest of the balance, with the full payment being due no later than December 11, 2016. (Payments are by check only, unless the attendee is willing to pay for the 4% surcharge added on to PayPal, in which case PayPal is certainly acceptable.) If you’re bringing a spouse, please add an extra $100 to your initial non-refundable deposit.

Again, thank you for your interest in the 2016 Texas Writing Retreat! We promise to make this event a special one!


  1. I wish I could attend, it sounds like an amazing opportunity, especially since I’m just breaking into the writing world on a professional level. Too bad they don’t have scholarships yet because there is no way I can afford that. Not with four kids. Maybe some day…ah if wishes were real.

  2. Dominick D'Aunno

    I’m very interested in the retreat. Are there still rooms available? Thank you for your consideration.


  3. Claire Hart-Palumbo

    I got the email because I was interested but unable to attend in 2014. However, I don’t see any prices. Can you provide more specific info?

    Claire HP

  4. Could you tell me the prices for this event? Thanks, Janice

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