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texas frontFor questions regarding the Texas Writing Retreat, contact event organizer Paul Cuclis: PaulTCuclis [at]


Many frequently asked questions are answered on this site. If you have a question, perhaps we’ve already addressed it below:

When is the retreat? It starts Wednesday, January 11, 2017, and ends on Monday, January 16, 2017 (MLK Day weekend). Attendees are free to join a day late or leave a day early, etc., if flights demand it.

Where exactly is the retreat? See the Locations & Accommodations page.

How do I travel to the retreat? See the Locations & Accommodations page.

How much does the retreat cost? See the Registration page.

How do I sign up for the retreat? See the Registration page.

Is space limited? Very much so. As of now, the event is limited to 7 personal rooms and one two bed cabin onsite for attendees, though several commuting students are welcome.

Screen Shot 2014-01-22 at 2.21.33 PMAre there different pricing options? Yes. See the Registration page.

Are there scholarships to the retreat? As of now, no. Apologies.

Can I commute to the event every day? Yes, and the registration price for commuters is lower than onsite attendees. We are prepared to accept up to 8 commuting students at the event. More details, including price figures and nearby hotels, are available on the Registration page.

Is food included? Yes — three meals a day. Some meals will be catered, some will be trips out to a local restaurant, and plenty will be a buffet-style or deli-platter meals.

Is alcohol included? Yes. We plan on having a good amount of alcoholic refreshments at the event, and attendees are free to them for as long as they last. Please note that because of safety and legal reasons, commuting students will have imposed limitations on alcohol consumption at the retreat.

What will I learn at the event? See the Event Schedule page.

Will I get to pitch literary agents at the event? All attendees will have a scheduled one-on-one meeting with attending agent Elizabeth Kracht of Kimberley Cameron & Associates.

Is there wi-fi Internet at the event? No. The ranch has no Internet, and this is the way the organizers want it, so attendees can maximize time to learn, write, read, relax, and take advantages of amenities & excursions. That said, attendees will have cell phone coverage, and should be able to access the Internet on their phones.

Is there cell phone coverage at the ranch? Yes.



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  1. I cannot miss work to attend Tues through Fri, but, would like to commute on Sat and Sun. Is this possible? What would be the fees for Sat & Sun? What is the schedule for Sat & Sun?

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